4 smart tips for an effective content marketing strategy



With an increasing number of companies trying their hand at content marketing, it’s now more important than ever that your brand employ an effective strategy. Take a look below as we reveal five actionable tips that will set your content marketing strategy apart from competitors’.



 Host a content workshop and create a content calendar

Gathering your colleagues to brainstorm customer personas and content ideas is a fantastic way to get your entire team involved. A content calendar will allow your team to see what needs to be created, in which format, by whom, and for when. Companies that actually document their strategy have a higher rate of content marketing success and effectiveness.



Repurpose your evergreen content

Sift through all your content and pick the pieces that are likely to never lose relevancy. You can revamp certain content by switching up its format, be it infographic, video, or even a webinar.


3-orangeInject some humour into your content

Everybody likes to smile, and humour is a very effective way of catching someone’s attention. Making reference to current and trending cultural topics will make your content relevant, fresh, and relatable.


Purple 4 Perform content audits and value quality over quantity

Be strict regarding content that has become somewhat obsolete and could make your brand seem out of touch to potential and existing customers. Every single piece of content you publish should be entertaining and of value to your customers. A thinly veiled attempt at advertising a brand or product is not content marketing, and customers will see through it immediately.


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