5 Takeaways from Dublin’s First Social Media Summit

Dublin’s First Social Media Summit

Zahra Media Group was delighted to take part in Dublin’s 1st Social Media Summit at the Aviva Stadium on March 1 & 2. Lots of great workshops and keynote addresses took place across the two day event, from Steve Dotto on mastering YouTube, Ireland’s reigning king of Twitter Paul O’Mahoney on marketing psychology, Facebook ads expert Jenny Brennan on campaigns for success and ‘Change Evangelist’ Brian Fanzo on Snapchat for business. We could write more than 100 blog posts on the fascinating insights and people we met, but we’ve had to whittle it down to just five top takeaways. So here goes…

1. Consumer Psychology

Paul O’Mahony totally inspired us and gave an incredible understanding on the mindset of the consumer. He explained how social networks follow an emotional cycle with a mixture of ‘poor me’ complainers, boasters and actively inactive (stalkers!). The first two groups are where you should direct your content and appeal to as they’re in an actively charged decision making mode and have a bigger likelihood of acting.

2. Keep Your Chin Up

Leading tech entrepreneur Bill Liao shared this video to demonstrate how to be a social media leader you have to keep giving and keep failing but if you keep giving good information you – eventually – will get there. Much like this dancing man.

3. Personalisation is King

LinkedIn aficionado Melonie Dodaro gave us a simple tip (that seems so obvious once you know it) to never ever use LinkedIn’s automatic responses – whether that’s for connecting with people or catching up with them. Her simple steps for converting LinkedIn connections into lead generation were: send request, send welcome message, send relationship-building message and ultimately move the conversation offline.

4. Piggy Back

We know we’re late to the game on this one, but we just loved Catherine Bennett from Twitter’s account of how Volvo trumped all Superbowl advertising by piggy backing on every other major car brands’ hugely expensive TV slots. Bravo.

5. Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

And if all else fails, call Dermot O’Leary ‘a ride’ via Twitter and you’re guaranteed to get a job… according to Paul Dunphy.


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