5 Key Takeaways from the 3XE Digital Conference


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Video, video, video. Video is the fastest growing area of content marketing and it was obvious based on the number of talks/workshops dedicated to the topic. According to Natalie O’Keefe from YouTube, 80% of internet traffic will be video by 2019. And it’s not just people aged 18-34 watching videos online, but also 80% of those aged 55+. Facebook’s Dave Morrissey also pointed out that since most people are watching video on their mobile phones, it’s important to capture attention quickly and build your video for viewing with the sound off.


SEO is not dead. In fact, when paired with content in a strategic manner, SEO becomes more valuable than ever. SEO allows you to make sure that your content is there when it matters and helps you to build trust. Recent research shows that 64% of people trust search engines so if your content shows up on the first page of Google results, it will lead to higher conversion rates and increased website traffic.

Facebook advertising is more powerful than ever. With 1 out of 4 people on the planet using Facebook, that platform carries more weight than ever. It has the context, the targeting capabilities and the scale to meet any marketing objective. Facebook allows you to segment your audience based on video views and by time spent on the site. Additionally, you can target certain products to warm audiences and also exclude those that haven’t engaged with your brand’s content. It’s easy to measure conversion when advertising on Facebook and important to plan out your campaign using a traditional funnel method.

Free tools abound. It can seem overwhelming and costly to get started with digital marketing, but in many talks and workshops, presenters were happy to share the free tools they use. From producing gif-like videos on your phone (Boomerang) to finding pertinent questions to answer around certain topics (Answer the Public) to discovering social media influencers (Followerwonk), there are a host of resources available to use online.

Research your customers. It’s easier than ever to find out about your customers so make sure you do that work before building any campaigns or creating content. You can ask them directly in face-to-face interviews, you can conduct an online survey or you can use tools like YouGov Profiles to do some social listening and collect demographics. Facebook also has a tool called Audience Insights that can help you learn more about what your audience is interested in and likes. It’s important to always think about what matters most to your customer and what’s most beneficial for the user.

I loved my time at 3XE and can’t wait to put all that I learned into practice. Thanks to the many speakers and other participants that shared tips, tricks and tools of the trade. If you were at the conference and would like to talk further about content marketing, drop us a note. We just can’t get enough.

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