4 tips for a summer content marketing strategy (infographic)



To keep your content marketing strategy firing all year round, you need to make sure it’s fine-tuned to each season, various calendar events and current trends. Summer is fast approaching, so we’ve outlined some ways you can avoid losing engagement during the summer holidays when people are jetting off left, right and centre.





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Prepare in advance

Plan in plenty of time for the impending summer season so you’re not left scrambling for suitable content last minute. This way you can begin to mention the approaching season early and grab the attention of customers, who will have summer and holidaying on the brain.


Pink-2Produce relevant content

Customers will have their summer holiday blinkers on from May, so make sure to recognise this. A wide audience would appreciate an article or infographic on holiday survival tips, or travel hacks for instance.

Summer recipes and skincare tips for the summer months would also work well, so tie these in with your usual content to create value for your customers. Depending on your brand, you can include soft sells that are ideal for the summer months.


client blog post number 3Competitions

Competitions tend to be a sure fire way of gaining customer engagement. Social media posts are the optimum way of sharing competitions, as they are easily shareable this way and will reach more people. Try to incorporate summer holidays into the competitions in some way, from free flights, to a hotel stay to free luggage. For later in the summer when many will be returning from a holiday, prizes like spa vouchers work well as ways of easing the winners back into a busy work schedule.


Purple 4Provide snackable, light content

People like to read and watch videos when on a journey to pass the time. So creating content that is fun and interesting is perfect to grab attention and keep your brand in the forefront of customers’ minds. The content also needs to be easily digestible and short, as often your window of opportunity is when people pick up their phones for a few minutes to pass time.


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