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Pantone colour of the year 2019

Rodrigo Maruso is one of the designers working hard on our Creative Services team. Here he explains what Pantone colour is, and why he’s waiting…

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The Role of Print when Marketing to Parents

As marketers, you’ve undoubtedly been involved at least once in the on-going debate about where print sits in the world of publishing today. There is…

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How Not to Lose Your Audience When Rebranding Your Business

When done cleverly and strategically, rebranding your business has untold benefits. However, the risks of rebranding certainly run high. One of the biggest dangers is…

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Introducing our New Food Service Division

You may have been introduced to the newest member of our Food Team, Moira Jean Davies, through her recent post on the blog (which you can read here if you…

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Five Small Ways To Make The Office A Better Place

Rachel Brennan is our Office Manager here at Zahra Media Group and she does an amazing job keeping us in high spirits even when the…

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A Pie… Full of “Ugly Foods”

Moira Jean Davis recently joined the Food Team here at ZMG as our B2B Business Development Lead, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and…

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