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Posted on marketing to pregnant women

Marketing to Pregnant Women

Suzanne Davis is Head of Sales at eumom, in addition to being a hockey player and mum to three children. She knows the intricacies of…

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Posted on going digital

Lessons Learned from Going Digital

Emma Parkin is the Editor of Easy Parenting, as well as Group Editor of the Parenting division at Zahra Media Group. She’s a print girl who…

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Posted on types of video content

What type of video content will best suit your brand?

Ruth Drury Byrne is a video producer here at Zahra Media Group. She spends most of her workdays up to her eyes in videos and…

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Posted on shutterstock_499092994

What’s your Food Tribe? (infographic)

Food tribes are communities of people that are created based upon groups of individuals that share preferences regarding the types of food they eat or don’t eat. What…

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Posted on money grows in threes

Money Grows in Threes

John Mullins is the CEO of Zahra Media Group, a man who loves his numbers and very well-versed in the trials & tribulations of business…

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Posted on shutterstock_556157896

2018: The Year of Video (infographic)

  Need a reason to justify adding video to your marketing mix this year? We have eight of them here. They’re compelling and they’re perfect…

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