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Posted on Dublin Design Night

Dublin Design Night 2018

Yume Sato is a designer here at Zahra Media Group and frequently attends cool events, where she reports back to us on what she’s learned.…

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Posted on back to basics

Back to basics, and loving it

Caroline Gray is the editor of Easy Food magazine and has her finger on the pulse of Irish food trends. In this post, she shares…

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Posted on localising global brand

Localising your Global Brand

If you work for a large multinational brand, breaking into a new market shouldn’t present too much of a challenge. However, if you think that…

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Posted on working well with colleagues

How To Work Well With Your Colleagues

Mairéad Cahalan is the outgoing Editor of eumom.ie, and in her final blog post for Zahra Media Group, she digresses from her usual topics of…

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Posted on career change tips

Tips for Changing Career

As Digital Campaign Manager, Hilary Harvey is an expert at herding cats and multi-tasking. She’s also excited anytime she gets to put her research background…

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Posted on work stress

Work Stress is Bad for Business

Mary Gordon, an Account Manager at Zahra Media Group, is a Reiki fan and organiser of the weekly ZMG lunchtime walk. In 2013, 55,000 workers…

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