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Posted on Facebook algorithm changes

How to Play the Facebook Game when the Goal Posts Keep Moving

Kate Gunn is our Head of Social, the fastest runner in our Zahra Running Group and an expert in navigating the social media waters. In…

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Posted on What Do Mums Want From Baby Care Brands_ (1)

What Do Mums Want From Baby Care Brands?

Every mum wants the best for her baby. So it’s no wonder that baby skincare products are big business. So how does mum go about…

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Posted on What Are The Benefits of Internal Linking

What Are The Benefits of Internal Linking?

Emily Elphinstone is a Digital Content Assistant here at Zahra Media Group, a former actor and a queen of linking internally. In this post, she…

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Posted on sarah post3

4 Tips for Building Relationships

Sarah Currey is the Sales Manager for Easy Food and building relationships is a huge part of her job. Here she talks about how to…

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Posted on clapperboard

What is a Clapperboard, anyway?

Theo Godley is our resident videographer and has made videos ranging from the delicious to the funny. He’s a great resource and in this blog…

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Posted on micro-influencers

How to Boost Your Social Media Campaign with Micro-Influencers

Sharon Tighe is the Head of Online Strategy & Insights at Zahra Media Group. She shares her tips for finding and working with micro-influencers in…

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