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Posted on tips on language

Watch Your Language: 6 Tips For Getting The Point Across

Emily Elphinstone has taken a pretty hefty career change, from Actor/Theatre Front of House Manager to Digital Content Assistant. In this blog post, she talks…

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Posted on email database

Putting your Email Database to Work

Suzanne Davis is the Head of Sales for eumom and in this blog post, she talks about how to use your email database like a…

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Posted on learning from failure

Learning from Failure

John Mullins is ZMG’s CEO and one of the few men in the office. As the voice of reason, he always has something interesting to…

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Posted on background boards

Background Boards for Food Styling

Pauline Smyth is our assistant food stylist and all-around amazing kitchen goddess. In this blog post, she talks about one aspect of food styling that…

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Posted on this old building

This Old Building: A Tour (Part three)

Paula Murphy, an account manager here at ZMG, has been detailing the history of our office building. In the third installment, she tackles the kitchen,…

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Posted on Case Study_ Utilising Email & Video For Client Campaigns

Case Study: Utilising Email & Video For Client Campaigns

When encouraging users to sign-up to a product, or to hand over their details in any way, it is important to make the process as…

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