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Post-truth and earning trust with content

At this time of year, there’s always a regular news story that resonates with us. (And by “us” we mean people who work with words…

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The content matrix: getting your customer engagement goals right

How often do you sit by your computer or notepad, facing the blank page that glares starkly back at you and wonder about the point…

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Posted on Easy Food Taste Test 2016

Easy Food Taste Test – The Results are In!

Once again, our team over at Easy Food magazine got the whole office involved in their annual Christmas Taste Test, judging leading retailers across six…

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Posted on tvs thrown in a heap

Adding to the Online Noise – a Moral Debate?

Is there too much content online? To many, it might seem like a silly question. Of course there’s too much content, many will argue (possibly…

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Posted on Audience clapping

Do you know how your company is perceived?

Self-awareness is a funny thing, isn’t it? We all think we have it, but do we really? At the risk of sounding like cod philosophy…

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Posted on row of post/mail boxes

The Dos and Do-Nots of Email Newsletters

As social media brands rise and fall, and old and new media duke it out for our attention, it’s easy to forget that the humble…

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