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Case Study: Dressing for Success – How Digital Changed Luxury Retail

Digital now influences 45% of all luxury sales and the world’s biggest fashion brands are using content marketing to boost commerce expertly. We look at…

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Posted on Magazines

Listen: Our Chief Executive chats to Bobby Kerr

John Mullins chatted to Bobby Kerr on Newstalk about the future of the Magazine Industry in Ireland on Industry Review: Magazines – Click on the…

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Posted on Why Zahra Loves Journalists

Making the Leap – Why Zahra Loves Journalists

Gina Miltiadou is the co-founder and managing director of Zahra Media Group. She talks about why she hires journalists as account managers, why they’re suited…

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Posted on Picture of a wallet

How much is Content Worth?

That’s a fair question. Before opening your wallets it’s reasonable to ask anyone why you should hand over the dough: Why should you pay good…

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Posted on Can AI compete

The Monkey Theorem

Why AI content can’t compete with humans You might have read in recent months that robots or (to put it more accurately) AI is generating…

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