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Posted on interior design hallway

Interior Inspiration: 7 Tips for Graphic Designers

Every branch of graphic design and visual communications has its own set of rules: the rule of threes in photography, the Golden Ratio in architecture,…

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Posted on Zahra Media Group moves to Bray

Zahra Media Group is on the move!

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Posted on Easy Food Summer Special 2016

Easy Food Summer Special on sale now!

We’ve been going barbecue-crazy, with a special feature on American slow ‘n’ low grilling, some fantastic new BBQ favourites (fish tacos and margaritas, anyone?), great…

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Posted on Effective-Magazine

Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of your Magazine

Develop a short benchmarking questionnaire that measures readers’ responses to key things, like whether they have taken some sort of action as a result of…

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Posted on 5-Content-Marketing-Examples-II

The 5 Best Examples of Content Marketing

When explaining how effective a strategy can be, the best way to show this clearly is to look at what the biggest companies are doing,…

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