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Case Study: Utilising Email & Video For Client Campaigns

When encouraging users to sign-up to a product, or to hand over their details in any way, it is important to make the process as…

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How Competitions Can Link Small Businesses to Engaged Audiences

  Ciara Morgan is our Business Relationship Manager and manages the logistics of the eumom gift bag and hospital information packs. Ciara also liaises with…

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Authentic Living And What This Means For Brands

Did you know that 85% of moms participate in DIY and fixing things in the home? Initially a knee-jerk money-saving reaction to the recession, this lifestyle shift has become…

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From A to Zahra, Episode 5: E is for Employee Experience

  Caroline Collins is Head of Communications and Engagement at Irish Life and is passionate about employee experience. This is just one reason she’s a…

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Easy Parenting hosts Mums for NUK Event

  Easy Parenting recently played host to the NUK Nature Sense coffee morning, in the Zahra Media Group offices. The event offered new mums the…

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What Can Customer-Focused Events Do For Your Brand?

  Did you know that 73% of consumers say they are likely to buy a product after trying it? Only 25% say the same thing about seeing a television…

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