A Company-wide Approach to Content

company-wide approach content

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Content cannot be produced in a vacuum. Well, it can be done, but it’s often not the most effective content. If you’re looking for a more holistic and efficient way of beefing up your company’s content marketing, consider getting the entire company on board with your efforts. We’ve already talked about why the sales team should be helping out, but there is much to be gained when you embrace a company-wide approach to content.

This is not as difficult as it sounds. We’re not suggesting that you add more work onto everyone’s plate or recruit people who aren’t writers to suddenly start pumping out 800-word articles. That would be asking too much. But it is easy to make content a priority for the company by establishing it as such and by getting buy-in from the top down.

Consider having your senior leadership team model the behaviour you’re asking of everyone else. If your CEO can write a blog post once a month, it becomes easier to request the same of developers, sales members and support staff. For the senior level executives, authoring blog posts can help them build additional credibility in their industry, adding to their thought leadership and positioning them as experts.

For those employees lower down the chain, writing blog posts can help further their career. Whether you’re working with code or answering support emails, writing is an important skill to have. It shows that you can express your thoughts clearly, teach others how to do something and gives you something to show off when you’re asking for that promotion or looking to switch jobs. An employee who can write is one well suited to ascend to a leadership role.

company-wide approach content

Benefits of a company-wide approach to content…

The benefits of having many different people in your company create content are many. First, you’re able to feature lots of different viewpoints and areas of knowledge. If the marketing team is the only source of content, you’re going to miss out on technical expertise, sales acumen and the wisdom of the support team (who are almost always on the front line of helping customers). Additionally, the bylines on your company’s blog will reflect the diversity of the company. Instead of only seeing one author on all the posts, there will be a number of different people contributing, showing off how smart they are and how they’re working to make a great product.

Finally, one of the greatest things about having a companywide approach to content is that everyone becomes more invested in the content. Instead of blog posts being something that are created in a silo, lots of different people can help with the writing and therefore, have a hand in helping to produce something that is good for the company. Content becomes an end product that the entire company can take pride in, and the content becomes that much better for everyone helping out.

Tips for getting others involved…

What do you do if employees complain or don’t want to help out creating content? One idea is to incentivise employees. Let them know they will be rewarded for their extra work or create an internal competition to see whose blog post gets the most views. Following up with these employees after they’ve helped to write a blog post completes the feedback loop and shows them the results of their labour. Perhaps their blog post received lots of comments or was shared on social media. That’s good feedback to give a new writer who may be unsure of their contributions.

Another idea is to make it as easy as possible for employees to help. This means that if a developer isn’t comfortable with writing, perhaps a member of marketing sits down and interviews that developer, turning the interview into a blog post. Or maybe someone on support is more comfortable in front of the camera than with the written word. Record that support person answering a common question or explaining a new feature and upload that to the company blog. There are creative ways to work with the fear of writing, but it takes a dedicated marketing team and a company that understands the importance of content to make it happen.

If you’re having problems selling the idea of content creation to your company, drop us a note. We hold content workshops that explain the basics and walk employees through the process of brainstorming content ideas. We’re happy to help!

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