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From A to Zahra, Episode 7: G is for Google

You can’t have a conversation about content without mentioning our search engine overlord, Google. (Just kidding – love you Google!) When it comes to SEO…

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Top Content Marketing Resources

  We decided to ask around the office and see what websites and Twitter accounts that people found to be the most helpful for doing…

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Email Design Tips

Sarah Hamill, the Head of Creative Services here at Zahra Media Group, has years of experience building compelling emails and sending them to large audiences…

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Mums Know Best

Denise Callan, a Sales Manager here at Zahra Media Group, knows a thing or two about connecting with mums. In this post, she shares examples…

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What are you waiting for?

Emma Parkin is the editor of Easy Parenting magazine and an amazing example of effective time management in action. If you’re suffering from a chronic…

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9 Tips for Setting up a CSR Programme for your Business

Gina Miltiadou is the Managing Director of Zahra Media Group and along with John Mullins, has successfully instituted the philanthropic causes we support here. From…

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