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Denise Callan, a Sales Manager here at Zahra Media Group, knows a thing or two about connecting with mums. In this post, she shares examples of companies doing it well.

Mothers are some of the most important people in our lives. As a child is born and develops, so too does its mother. Her lifestyle, experiences and children’s life-stage impact on the decisions she makes along her parenting journey. They are key factors in her purchasing decisions, and in the past have often been overlooked by brands when planning promotional campaigns.

What does an effective campaign look like?

Savvy brands are now recognising the realities of motherhood, portraying real mothers, in real rather than idealised roles, and demonstrating a deeper understanding of this important consumer demographic. This Teleflora campaign is a great example of a brand getting it right. When mothers recognise themselves and their experiences positively portrayed in a campaign, their support is instant and overwhelming.


How do mothers respond when a brand really engages with them?

The current Gap campaign promotes a range of underwear and pyjamas, featuring images of women at home relaxing. One, a slideshow post on social media, shows a woman breastfeeding a child. The post itself makes no reference to breastfeeding, however the audience positive response and engagement has led to the post going viral, with comments like “I’m ordering today – I want to support this!”

Mothers are super connectors, multi-connected and key influencers of other mothers. They have almost twice as many friends as women who don’t have children. Win them over and you have a powerful tribe of super influencers in your corner. They will drive brand awareness, positive messaging and most importantly, sales.

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The secret to knowing what mothers want…

Zahra Media Group has long recognised mothers as one of the most important and distinctive segments in society. Through our research and insights division, and ongoing conversations with our Eumom community, we listen carefully to mothers in hundreds of thousands of families across Ireland. This relationship informs our content strategy and our content-led consumer campaigns, allowing us to share a wealth of valuable insights with our clients to help shape campaigns that deliver incredible results.

We recognise that mothers are the heart of the family, and the heart and soul of their local community. We know that young families are responsible for 70% of consumer spending, that 98% of Mothers are responsible for bills and budgeting their families and that 70% of them use their phones as a strategic research and planning tool for shopping.

We all learn from our mothers, and at Zahra Media Group we have Ireland’s largest online community of Mothers teaching us important lessons about what it is to be a Mother today.

The most important lesson we have learned? Listen to the mothers! And remember to call yours once in a while…